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The technology of waste sorting

The main problems of municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment in Ukraine are mainly associated with their collection, sorting, recycling or disposal. This is contributed by the following factors:

- Lack of selective collection of MSW on the sites of MSW formation
- High content of organic substances in the general flow of MSW
- Low level of use of waste for recycling

The negative impact of MSW on the environment has dire consequences for the entire planet:

- formation of leachate, which is the poisoner of underground and surface water sources
- creating of infection sources (birds, rodents and insects spread pathogenic microorganisms)
- formation of more than one hundred kinds of gases, which apart from causing severe illnesses, are also factors of the greenhouse effect, which is a threat to the planet as a whole
- impossibility of crops cultivation and housing development.

The approximate composition of municipal solid waste flow to MSW landfills:


Priority tasks of MSW treatment:

- Ensuring maximum selection of useful fractions. Forwarding old MSW to the second sorting line
- Rationalization of the MSW landfill use, increasing economic benefits and reducing environmental hazards
- Disposal of only those fractions that are not subject to recycling
- Treatment of organic wastes by enzymes for activating of bacteria that live in the landfill
- Transformation of methane into electricity
- Pumping leachate to the working map of the landfill as a catalyst for methane formation.


The general scheme of the mobile line for sorting municipal waste:


A new approach to the MSW treatment in Ukraine will allow to drastically change technological processes in this area, significantly increase the efficiency of municipal waste treatment, as well as ensure a positive impact on the environment.

The future environmentally clean and aesthetic landscape in the territory of our city.


"Ecopromimpex" company has launched its own website

On 13 March 2016 "Ecopromimpex" company informed on launching its own website where you can get acquainted with the company’s activities, the projects,

MSW sorting line has been launched

On 12 December 2015 "Ecopromimpex" company put into operation the first part of the line of solid waste sorting complex in accordance with the working map of MSW

"Ekopromimpeks" company has entered into an investment agreement with Zhytomyr City Council

16.10.2015 "Ekopromimpeks" company entered into an investment agreement with Zhytomyr City Council on the operation of landfill of municipal solid waste.

+38 (041) 242-12-31
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